What is needed to work in politically dangerous areas of the world such as Iraq and Afghanistan?

Control Risks CIO on technology supporting greatly the operations of the company in some of the world’s most dangerous areas.  Control Risks helps clients who want to exploit natural resources and other businesses in some of the most politically unstable regions of the world including Iraq. Technology not only plays an important role in assisting businesses to operate in some of the most challenging environments, it is now to see how IT proves to be important in politically unstable areas.

You must be well prepared if you are planning to start up a business in two unpredictable regions of the world, Iran and Afghanistan. With the motive to allow organizations in financial services, oil, gas and mining industries to work safely and efficiently, companies like Control Risks are taking initiative to provide such organizations with genuine piece of advice, support, risk assessment and physical security.
Iraq Afghanistan

Control Risk’s CIO Duncan Scott said, technology plays a vital role in the company’s work. This is evident from events like Control Risks helps clients move in dangerous areas by planning safe routes using business intelligence and with the help of information collected from previous accidents to make a picture of situations in regions.

Scott said, they have an access to the data of all the incidents and the incidents are mapped onto a tool. This information can be projected pictorially by a map which will help people driving in the protected vehicle to take right decisions about where they should head. The database will help them in knowing the area has undergone a lot of mining activity and it is safer to go some other way round. Thus planning is also assisted with the collateral available before actually travelling through such regions.

The tools for this purpose are made with readily available softwares like Microsoft SQL database and SharePoint and Google maps. Well these are IT tools only, directly or indirectly that are used for life-saving in the real world. Control Risks also working in hostage negotiation makes use of business intelligence there as well.  Scott also said, a lot of collateral are collected and therefore it is possible to profile the situations that they find themselves in. in the advanced world, more and more historical info is used to help consultants understand what the available options are and what they have.

Communications and radio transmissions are important for those on the ground, said Scott.