World First BitTorrent Certified Television Announced

You will be very glad to know that Turkish HDTV manufacture Vestel has now announced the World Frist Bittorrent Certified HDTV.

The new HDTV set is quiet being able to allow its user to download, share as well as playback media files directly with the help of an internet connected television set. Though, we have not hard too much about this handset, as it is now only a prototype device and the development work on this prototype is still going at the BitTorrent own library.

With the sequence to the fact Hakan Kutlu, deputy GM of marketing of Vestel, has stated “In general near about all the consumer wants all types of personal media as well as internet connection at their living rooms, so it is associating with near about all the potentiality to be more useful thing for them.”

Later he has added “Additionally the certification of BitTorrent will help out their TV line to meet this consumer demand.”

This partnership as well as certification program in a sentence can be explained – BitTorrent’s plan to exposed themselves beyond smartphnes and computers. Moreover, this company has also declared that this peer to peer BitTorrent protocol will come out along with few more devices at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, such as Blu – Ray palyer, DVD, Set top boxes and many more.

The company has also claimed that they must get more than 100 million monthly active users just after launching this supermodel, not only that beside that they company also declared that they are now working hard on simplifying the downloading process of it to reach at every common people home.