World Wide Web Passed 20 Years

Tim Berners-Lee, the British engineer and computer scientist from the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN, has unveiled that project in order to organize the information on 6th August 1991. Not only that after unveiling that he also set its name as World Wide Web and in the mean time he had posted a short summary on the alt.hypertext newsgroup and made it publically available in the internet. Time has changed, now this has been reached in everyone’s heart. And the more glad news is last day it has passed 20 years.

In short, the World Wide Web or the web that everyone use today, is a system of linking hypertext documents that can be accessed with the help of the internet. More often by using this link user can now easily view their desired web pages which contain videos, images, text or other types of multimedia content. But the navigation between them is occurred with the help of hyperlinks.

In this regard Berners-Lee, the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, had used that concept from an earlier hypertext system, thereafter in March 1989 he had made that proposal and eventually it was turned to World Wide Web in November 1990. At the time of forming Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau, computer scientists from Belgian was first proposed to use hypertext information in order to make a link access between various types of content.

There after this project was publically introduced at the year December 1990 at the CERN in Geneva. In order to doing that Berners-Lee was used a NeXT Computer as a world’s first web server and in this regard he was made a web browser also named as WorldWideWeb. And within the period of Christmas in the year of 1990, he had made all of those necessary tools which was highly needed on that project such as the first web page, first web server, first browser, which he had taken as a project that time.

Before that, many projects had made to build the internet, but now a day this has become as the heart of the internet. So, Thank you very much Berners-Lee.