Xbox Dashboard Coming On 15th November

Microsoft is going to launch its new Xbox dashboard on 15th November. It is the 10th anniversary of the original Xbox that was released in 2001. Before the launching the, PayPal employees were instructed to run a test over the device to make sure that ever thing was working perfectly. An email which was sent to PayPal from Microsoft uncovered Microsoft’s planning of launching the new Xbox dashboard on 15th November, when the email leaked somehow.

You may possibly ask here why particularly the PayPal was asked to do the testing – the reply will be that Microsoft was using PayPal’s online payment service to let its users to buy Gold Memberships, games etc. Microsoft has included PayPal payment options in the Xbox Live in the last May.

The previous two dashboard releases in 2008 and in 2010 were declined in November. This is making the rumor stronger.

Microsoft has claimed that they have included some new features in the new Xbox. The new features will enable users to browse faster. Microsoft has added Kinect motion-sensing device to further navigate and to relate with the device. Among the other new features there is the game invitation which does not expire. The game invitations are also fully Bing integrated. Before the changes that have been made recently, one could only search in specific terms but after the changes one can search more easily, the search result will return any relevant answer.

It seems that Microsoft has taken the feature development ideas from the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 UI. It has the interface that will be associated with Windows 8 in the coming year. Microsoft has substantiated Xbox Live integration on windows 8, but we still don’t have much information about that. There was also a rumor in the beginning of the year that one can play Xbox 360 on computer with windows 8.