Xbox games can be played on the PC reports the possibility of Xbox games played on a personal computer with the coming of Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 8.

However, the operating system company has not made any confirmation about the rumor yet.  According to report, the Xbox Live Dashboard or marketplace can be accessed through the PC.  Games from the Xbox Live market can now be downloaded by users and be played with the PC.

The service expected to have a service fee, but no one knows if existing Xbox Live members has to pay extra for using the PC extension.  Such technical details are not yet revealed.

People believe that the backward compatibility of backwards compatibility of Xbox 360 games in the next system may play an enormous factor.  Microsoft may drop backwards compatibility of Xbox 360 games to be able to play it for the personal computer.  If we could remember, Microsoft began the Xbox 360’s life with zero backwards compatibility and no future promises.  Now, Microsoft enables their new system to play original Xbox discs, but started hording the best of the library as downloadable titles.

Probably the next Xbox is going to forego BC for the early time-frame; this must have been the reason that Microsoft covering their back.  Sony reveals one can remove BC midway into your consoles life-span, not including, killing your business.

Since Microsoft has always been for the personal computer, there is always probability of the latter merging with their other PC products.  Some people think that one of the biggest gaming companies may design their next game to be played on a PC platform.  Microsoft intends to do that with Windows 8.

Creating Xbox games, which may be played on the upcoming operating system, might be Microsoft’s plan to fill in for their lack of handheld gaming presence.  Instead of competing with portable gaming devices, such as Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.  Microsoft targeting on using devices that no gaming company has used before – personal computer.  With the future released of Windows 8 gamer would not need to buy their own Xbox 360; they just need their trusted computer and play all the 360 games that they want.

Now, one would question what the purpose of next Xbox is.  One could only guest that it can be used to play what other gaming devices cannot.  As the average user does not upgrade their computer often, the next Xbox might have the same specs as the current computer.