Yahoo touches up Flickr in the middle of internal instability

Yahoo Inc. has a difficult time right now, but it is not stopping one of the biggest search engine companies from touching up its well-liked photo-sharing service, Flickr.

On Wednesday, Yahoo introduces a new way friend coming from different locations to concurrently look through pictures.  As well, as unveiling the first official application for the millions of devices that runs on Google Inc.’s Android software.

It is just one part of a broader effort by Yahoo in recapturing some of the ground, which it has lost in recently to Facebook, eventually emerging as an advertising and photo-sharing hub. Yahoo touted its free Android app to signify their determination in becoming a bigger force on mobile phones and tablets.

The company, based in Sunnyvale, California, tries to figure out whether it is wise to sell part or the entire business following the termination of Carol Bartz as CEO earlier this month.  In an e-mail, last week from Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock and co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo told their employees that the process might take several. Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse is also filling in as interim CEO.

Yahoo’s Vice President Steve Douty says they have a mission of speeding up innovation as well as bring new products to the market.  It is not going to change; instead, they are going to act faster than before.

Flickr’s hottest sharing tool, called “Photo Session,”  intended to duplicate the experience of browsing through an old-fashioned photo album.  The service makes it possible for people to share photos together even though  located miles apart. Any of Flickr’s nearly 170 million users can activate a session by acquiring a particular link, which can be sent to other invitees. A photo session can be made on iPhones, iPads and personal computers though browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Internet Explorer or Opera browser users can not use the feature right now.

Apple users can not also used photo session; however, things are about to change as Yahoo currently working on it.

Up till now, millions of people with Android devices can only rely on their apps designed by non-Yahoo programmers. Douty mentioned the Android app as just one of numerous applications that Yahoo is going to be releasing within the next few months in an effort to expand its reach beyond the 137 million mobile devices, which currently use some of its services.