Your hunt for job ends here with just one click at LinkedIn

LinkedIn which was all about professional social networking portal is now all set to expand its resources to actually getting jobs. It is just simple click which will take end user to apply for job. Well, applying with LinkedIn is actually a web plug-in tout. Henceforth the application information will be securely saved and users will have an access to all the records of the job that they have applied for. Applicants will now have an easy way to apply to jobs using their LinkedIn profile. There’s also an option given of job seekers and developers which further eases this task. LinkedIn has definitely worked for the benefits for those hunting for jobs. Well, this may proof to be helpful for them!

Various features of LinkedIn’s new application are easy access recommendations and referrals, platform to increase your talent and stand out and attract more premium, passive candidates whose resumes are not yet ready. The entire procedure to get hired goes in just three simple steps: discover, apply and get hired. Firstly, discover company adds Apply with LinkedIn button to its job postings and then if the job applicant finds it suitable in the position and applies with just one click of his LinkedIn profile. Lastly, the information is passed on to the company and sees who works there in his network.

LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals and is soon going to be beyond this. As far as employers are concerned, LinkedIn brings the simpler access to referrals and references and developers have advantage of staring up with simple few lines of code. In addition to this, there will be a way to customize the interface with company’s design. Also the applications can now be received through email and/or integrated with company’s applicant tracking system.  The information will be posted to the LinkedIn page of applicant in case the applicant gets hired after applying by the use of LinkedIn plug-in. this is definitely very impressive for the applicants and beneficial too; at the same time it is good advertising for LinkedIn.

The extra revenue so earned from such means is of great help for the company as LinkedIn is now public and as such it requires extra stream of revenue. Private investors in LinkedIn have surprisingly made 46 percent profit in just a lapse of two month. LinkedIn also boasts that thousands of companies like Netflix, Photobucket etc are already using this tool.