ZTE Phones are in demand, in the UK

Chinese device maker ZTE has seen a 36-percent increase on overall revenue as it goes on pushing the device into international markets, which includes the UK.

According to report, the Shenzen-based company got half-year financial figures — ending on 30 June — on Wednesday. Globally the sales grew to as much as 22 percent yearly to 20.81bn Chinese yuan (£2bn) and accounted for 55 percent of the entire operating revenue of 37.4bn yuan. However, ZTE also claims that the net profits got cut down as it reorganized its Smartphone strategy so that they could determine the self-branded handsets in the UK and European markets.

At Mobile World Congress in February, ZTE began a campaign to encourage more international partners for its selection of ‘smart terminals’, or portable Internet-enabled devices. The declaration marked a shift in plan away from focusing on trait phones to higher-end Smartphones, such as its own-brand Blade and Skate Android-based phones and the Light tablet PC. Such attempts are starting to pay off, as stated by the company.

In a statement, that ZTE released, the company currently implementing an aggressive approach as part of a significant stage so that they could access the, major smart, terminal market. The company sent 60 million units that include the 35 million Smartphones within the first six months of the year.

ZTE noted that an increase of over 30 percent observed in Smartphone sales in Europe, in the earnings declaration. In the UK, around 2.5 million Blade handsets sold.

Mobile analyst at Gartner, Carolina Milanesi is accrediting that part of the gains in the Smartphone market and its current accomplishment with the Blade to growing demands for cheaper devices. “ZTE’s becoming more famous in Western Europe, since the desire for mid-range Smartphone improved.

Milanesi added that there is a probability that the Blade is now the most successful produce ZTE had ever marketed in the European market, also the best-selling phones in mid-range.  From a brand’s perspective, they have observed a move from an original design manufacturer (ODM) to more own-branded devices across all regions of Europe.

Back in July 2010, ZTE presented its first own-branded Smartphone in the UK, the Android-based Racer. Back in July 2011, the company got a deal with Brightpoint, a supply chain company for mobile carriers, to improve its Smartphone push in the country.

UK director of mobile device operations for ZTE, Wu Sa say they are working together with Brightpoint to introduce Smartphone in the UK market this year. They are hoping that the ZTE would be branded for high-quality Smartphones and tablets.