A New Walkman Set From Sony Based On Android

A new set of walkmans is on an impending release from the house of Sony. The walkman series will be based on Android operating system. The launch was announced in Tokyo and the launch date has been set on the 10th of December. Android gadgets have had a successful run in the industry so far in the smart phone and tablet industry. Use of android in other electronic gadgets has not been so much in news. The quality of sound is very good and the walkman will make the experience of watching videos and audio more convenient. Noise cancellation facility is advanced. The product is supposed to be released in three different versions – 16GB model, which will be model NW-Z1050, 32GBmodel, which will be model NW-Z1060 and a 32GB model, which will be model NW-Z1070.

The 16GB model is expected to cost $365, 32GB model will be priced at $430 and 64GB model will cost $560. All the three models will offer compatibility to various android apps.  Sony, the electronic giant of the world, is aiming for a large share in the Japanese walkman market. The company plans to release around six million pieces. The target date for the sale of all these walkmans is March 2012. The head of Sony mobile, Toshimichi Nagashimi, said that the company is interested in tapping the large potential market in Japan. He also said that the company has lots of expectations from the Sony Z series walkmans. He continued that the company wants to take the walkman on an international platform.

The walkmans offered by the company will be equipped with a 4.3 inches LCD touch screen with a screen resolution of 800×480. The company will be powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread software. Besides providing music at the highest quality, users can play high definition video games and watch movie playbacks. Web browsing is also an additional function of the walkman. In addition, processor will be dual core NVIDIA tegra 1.5 GHZ and the device will have a RAM of 512 MB. The battery will be Lithium-ion, which can provide continuous music of up to twenty hours. The video facility is also excellent with a 1080 pixel High Definition display. Bluetooth and W-Fi connectivity are also enabled in the device. The size of the device is 13.4cm in length and 7.9cm in width. The thickness is 1.11mm. The weight is 156gms. There are fast keys that help in comfortable and easy operations.