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Ideapad K1 Is Quite Great

The market for tablets is full of fierce competitors and it is growing day by day. Lenovo has recently produced the IdeaPad K1 which promises a great deal at a fair amount of money. Indeed the $499 price tag may probably be justified considering the fact that the tablet is pretty good in terms of both its looks and performance. The tablet possesses the Android Honeycomb in its 10.1 inch display. Now, it is to be seen whether this new addition to the tablet market can offer some of the best features possible or not.

Acers New Launch Promises To Be Great

The demands of consumers are becoming more and more complex. In the age of tablets, smart phones and laptops it is becoming tougher everyday to survive in the market as new devices with even better specifications are being produced at regular intervals. The Acer Iconia Tab A100 has a decent price tag but it is to be seen whether it will be able to topple its competitors with some great specifications or not. The tablet has already grabbed eyeballs as it is the first tablet to have the Android Honeycomb in its 7 inch display.

A New Walkman Set From Sony Based On Android

A new set of walkmans is on an impending release from the house of Sony. The walkman series will be based on Android operating system. The launch was announced in Tokyo and the launch date has been set on the 10th of December. Android gadgets have had a successful run in the industry so far in the smart phone and tablet industry. Use of android in other electronic gadgets has not been so much in news. The quality of sound is very good and the walkman will make the experience of watching videos and audio more convenient. Noise cancellation facility is advanced. The product is supposed to be released in three different versions – 16GB model, which will be model NW-Z1050, 32GBmodel, which will be model NW-Z1060 and a 32GB model, which will be model NW-Z1070.