Acer Windows 7 Tablet in AMD’s Z-Series APU

According to the DigiTImes report “The brand of AMD has recently announced that their Z-Series clips for the tablets are now getting a vote of the confidence from the Acer.”Not only that the Taiwanese computer maker just has reportedly place their order for 80,000 Z-01 APUs in order to put inside Windows 7 tablets as targeted at the enterprises market as well as some other vendors are also talking to follow the same route.

Though they have not shared any more details at the recent Computex launch but it can be partially say that the Z-01 is the power-optimized version of AMD’s existing APU C-50 for the netbooks. It also features by a pair Bobcat CPU cores which always runs at 1GHz speed, a 5.9W TDP as well as a built-in Radeon HD 6250 graphics card. Here is not over also MSI is also declared for selling their 110 W WinPad this year using this AMD’s Z-Series clip.

In spite of that Microsoft has additionally promised to make their next major versions of Windows comparable with the help of ARM-based systems in an effort to break into the undergoing tablet market. It is also the time while Intel and other similar hands is working too hard to port into the Android in order to adapt the X86 architecture for the same reasons exactly. Though both of the endeavors are still some time away as well as ARM+, Android and iOS are now dominating the market, so at present Windows 7 and X86 processor chips are pitching as an correspondence substance for the business users along with more complex needs.

Though we have yet to see that only one of the product has come out in the market, but as Windows 7 is not fully touch optimized and additionally Intel x86 processors as well as AMD are not yet as power efficient as those based on the ARM architectures.