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Apple Planning To Introduce iTV In 2012

Apple has instructed manufacturers to start their work of developing television sets that are expected to enter the market in the first quarter of the coming year. And get ready and new monitor stands for this latest TV set in your living room too. According to DigiTimes the launching in the first quarter will no doubt manage plenty of time for the company to arrange its second and third quarter launching.

Apple Is About To Launch Fresh MacBook Air Models

Tech giant Apple is preparing to introduce fresh models of MacBook Air in the Q1 of the very next year. The new models of MacBooks Air will offer options of 11.6 inch, 13.3 inch and 15 inch panel sizes. It is clear that Apple is expecting to give Ultrabooks a fair challenge with the new series of MacBooks, says DigiTimes.

DigiTimes has also extracted from the sources that the testing season for the fresh models of MacBook Air have been started and it is very possible that the 15 inch MacBook Air will directly challenge Ultrabooks. Sources have also mentioned that Apple may cut down the prices of existing MacBook Air models in both the retail and the online markets. It seems that the leading tech company is preparing their base for the upcoming launches.

Apple’s 15” Macbook Going To Release Soon

Apple’s ultra thin, 15 inch Macbook is expected to hit the market soon. A few weeks before some leaked news said that Apple has finally developed a LCD test component and now there is another news in the market that Apple suppliers are bringing low volumes of other components that are necessary for the Macbook.

According to the Digitimes Apple is expected to launch the shiny new Macbook in the second quarter of 2012. It must be noted that Digitimes is famous for its news sources in China. But still by predicting the releasing date of the Macbook so many months before has made every one surprised.

New Rumor: Samsung Interested To Buy webOS Platform

A new rumor has started to climb up already which has stated that android giant Samsung has now interested in buying webOS from Hewlett- Packard in order to compete with iPhone giant Apple’s in house software and hardware business model.

Late September or Early October Release Of iPhone 5

Apple orders 15 million iphone for September

According to latest information on the assembly and release of the much-awaited iPhone 5, it has been known that Apple has placed an order for 15 million iPhone 5. Reports suggest that Apple has chosen Pegatron Technology, the Taiwan based maker of notebooks, to supply the gadgets. Apple has previously chosen Pegatron for shipping iPhone 4, which was a CDMA version that ran on Verizon network. However, since the demand for the phone declined, the company has to cut down on the production.