Android App That Brings News from All over the World within Seconds

Android app store has got a new app that brings various news tidbits from various parts of the world. Called News360, this app is definitely a must-have app for all users who like to keep abreast of the ongoing activities in the world. The app focuses on news aggregation and is one of the best news apps available. The app collects news from over four thousand sources. Further, if the phone of the user has a “Use GPS Locations” feature, then the app begins news aggregation from the point where the user is present, which means that beginning from the location of the user, the app moves in a radial manner all over the world and collects news.

All that a user has to do is check the GPS option in the phone settings. When the app was launched, it claimed that latest stories would be available within a few seconds. Users can also choose your preference for news such as politics and sports. The app considers the news preferences of the user along with his geographical location and gets all the available news. The news collected is only regarding the latest happenings. Using the app is also very simple. Users can use the navigation keys or the touch screen to move the news menu and then tap on the news article that they find interesting. The app comes with a special semantic analysis feature that moves through other news apps and highlights all related articles and their headlines. News360 uses its folders to search for all relevant topics and sub topics.

Apart from providing a list of the current happenings of the user’s interest, the app also lists out related articles at the bottom of the screen. It is also possible to rapidly select subjects by using the icon at the bottom of this news application. The application provides a feature that can save news articles in the dossiers. News search can also be undertaken based on keywords. Further, users can share news updates and articles on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The best part of the app is its speed. Whatever may be the subject, news or location that the user chooses, news is brought to the screen within a few seconds. With this app installed in the phone, news enthusiasts can always be up to date and can even browse through the latest happenings several times a day.