Android is not free from Malware

When we are talking about malware, everyone should be aware that no platform is malware free, even the famous Android platform.  Criminals are not going to go after the smaller fry; it is just natural that they are coming for the biggest fish in the sea.

Windows currently considered as the best platform today. Cyber-criminals want to infiltrate Windows, so they could get any information that they could get from the PC’s using the OS.

It does not indicate the operating system is not tough on their security system.  There are just too many hackers who would like to get their dirty hands in the platform.   The same way that Windows dominates  OS Android, also dominates its field.  Android may be suffering the same fate as Window in the hands of the bad elements.

Android is not all about market share. It uses apps to run and make it more attractive to the user. With a model, like Apple has with iOS and Microsoft has with Windows Phone 7.  It would be harder to get apps accepted as the apps must pass inspection to ensure safety: does what it states; does not breach a set of rules intended for protecting the device, network, and user records; and the most noteworthy fact of all, does not have malware. In this world, nothing is perfect even the best of the best has some flaws.  With that in mind, people now assured that somewhere in the 300,000-plus apps in the App Store there exist a code written to cause some harm to the device.  However, Apple has a kill switch for removing the app from your phone.

On the other hand, Android does not include that level of protection on their system. Android makers do not take it first hand to protect their system as Apples does.

Also, even if Google intensifies the application approval process, none can force you to use the Android Market solely.  If you want to add an app iPhone, you have the App Store to buy the apps. Android, on the other hand, has several markets, which is unregulated, so there will be risk involve when using the Android.

Based on the data provided by Lookout Mobile Security, there are more than half million Android users affected by malware initially in the first six months of this year.

With all the danger of downloading the app that contains malware, Google should realize the need to come up with their own app store.  That way users can be assured that the app they are using are free from malware.  Android users should be worry-free.