McAfee warns public about the security threat in cars

According to the report from McAfee, cars that incorporate Internet technology are in danger since they ventured into the hacker’s territory.

The report has the title “Caution: Malware Ahead”, which got released, Tuesday afternoon warns the public that the safety devices they are using on their cars are also the devices that would put their car in danger. Hackers are eventually going to hack their way through the devices with the help of the software that is running the devices.


Blackberry Maker RIM In Collaboration With Pyxis Mobile To Host A Webinar On Mobile Security On August 31

Considering the increasing breach of security in all mobile phones, Research in Motion, along with Pyxis mobile are to host a webinar on the 31st of August on mobile security issues. The program will be held at 1PM EDT. In addition to providing a bird’s eye view over all BlackBerry devices, the webinar will also Read more


MSN got a supercookie

Security researchers found out that a new malware that has the same feature as the Zeus malware is capable of turning an ordinary malware into a worm. Since both Zeus and SpyEye code can now be used by cyber-criminals, the world believes that there will be more hackers, who are going to attempt to steal financial and other data.