Android Phones Get A New Advertising Platform On The Home Screens Of Users Through Tooyoou

Advertisers can now post their advertisements on the home screen of users by utilizing the latest offer of Tooyoou. Advertising partners of Tooyoou have access to this platform. The provision is being seen as one of the most powerful advertising techniques in the modern day advertising world. The billboards of Tooyou will be present on the home screens of users of Android phones and can be used by advertisers to post their ads.

With this option provided on Android platform, users will carry advertisements in their pockets. The billboard can be viewed any number of times per day. Effectively, this marketing strategy will make the advertisements highly visible and garner massive publicity. As per the provision, ads will be posted day and night such that the ads enjoy maximum coverage.

With the increasing number of Android users in the smart phone market, the advertising strategy seems to have hit bull’s eye. These ads are to be posted on all download screens and web pages that the user opens. The ad will be the first thing that will appear on the screen whenever the user wishes to undertake any function on the phone. Further, the ads will have a lot of preference levels. One of the factors is on the basis of geographic locations of the user. Ads will be filtered as per location and the most suitable will be posted on the screens. In addition to this provision, ads can also be shared through a number of means such as emails, social networking sites and text messages.

In keeping with the present trends, ads will be made available in the audio/video mode as well and will be open for sharing. Experts opine that the strategy will be able to explore and exploit the full potential of smart phones and their numerous features. The interaction between customers and businesses that use home screen for advertising will be much better than before. The distance between providers and consumers is also expected to reduce following this announcement. Companies can use Android phones to great benefit and Tooyoou makes this possible.

Those who wish to advertise on Android phones need to create an account on the Tooyoou site. Placement of ads can be done freely. However, the offer is limited to Android users only. The Tooyoou advertising app can be downloaded from the Android site. The facility provided by Tooyoou is unique in the sense that advertisers can use it directly access the home screens of users unlike in-app advertising that is existent today.