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Keek :– Upload Your Micro Videos For Social Networking

Keek means a small peek. In keeping with its name, Keek provides a platform where you can have a peek into the life of your friend even if he lives across the ocean. Keek is the new name of social networking. Social networking is all about connecting with friends and acquaintances all over the world. Although connecting through online chats and text messages are the most common ways of social networking, there is a better way – videos. Instead of verbally talking about little moments that you want to share with friends, you can go a step ahead and let your friends watch videos about you. Not only is this way a lot more effective than having to chat verbally, it is also quick. Keek is one of the best video social networking sites available on the internet. Well, who wouldn’t like to communicate through micro videos? There are a number of advantages of using Keek. The biggest advantage is that you can let your friends watch you through your messages.

Ultrabook A New Competitor For Macbook

In a world where the demand for mobile computing is growing day by day the need for a technology that would provide the user with the features of both a personal computer and a tablet is very much essential. Being able to enjoy the experiences of social networking on your tablet may not make you fully content. One may feel the need to be able to make large personal documents on the same thing and also fulfil some of their important business needs. Hence the concept of an ultrabook arrived. This special form of a laptop has been built by the likes of Asus (UX21), Acer (Aspire S3), Lenovo (IdeaPad U300) and Toshiba (Portege Z830) and will soon reach the markets. Asus has claimed that its 0.66inches thin and 1.1kg heavy UX21 will initiate from the sleep mode in just two seconds.

Nokia Gets A New Executive President And Chief Technology Officer In Henry Tirri

Nokia has announced the appointment of a new executive president and chief technology officer. Henry Tirri will take on the responsibilities and will also be a member of the Leadership Team of the company. The appointment was made public today. Tirri will report to Stephen Elop, the CEO and President of Nokia. Tirri will be responsible for formulating the schedule for Nokia technology for the present and future. He will also be responsible for developing and creating new business opportunities for the company with the future in mind. Before his appointment as the chief technology officer and executive president, Tirri headed the Nokia Research Center. Following his appointment, Tirri will shift base to California. He holds a Ph. D degree in Computer Science from Finland University of Helsinki.

Google Wallet For Sprint Nexus S Android Smart Phone To Be Released Today

Google Wallet, the much awaited Android app that can turn the smart phone into a wallet, is to be launched today, September 19, 2011. The app was to be released on September 1 this year but was postponed. An ad of the app was released last weekend and the fact that it featured George Costanza raised expectations about the release of the app. However, the date of launch was not revealed in the ad. Its official launch is earlier than expected and has indeed been a pleasant surprise for all Sprint Nexus S Android users. The app uses NFC technology. The Near Field Technology is used to make financial transactions and exchange of data between two closely placed devices. With the enabling of this technology, a mobile phone can easily be used as debit and credit cards in any place like shopping malls and restaurants. The app release will definitely make life easier for Nexus S users.

Blackberry Will Face a Tough Time with the Release of iPhone 5

BlackBerry, which is already on a downward spiral, is expected to lose a lot of its existing market with the release of iPhone 5. The device has been under wraps for a number of months now with no official announcement about it. A technology blog recently reported that an official announcement would be made a few weeks from now. The blog also quoted that the information was given by an Apple insider. Blackberry, which was one of the leading manufacturer’s of smart phones began to lose its market hold with the release of iPhone in 2007 and since then, has failed to win back the customer base due to inefficiency in bringing out new devices at regular intervals. With the release of iPhone 5, lose of customer base is expected to grow multi-fold. The next launch of iPhone is expected to be by the end of this year.