Android Tablets to Give Apple iPads a Run for Their Money

Nvidia, has announced a new tablet that will run on quad-core Kal-El chip. The tablet is supposed to very powerful and a strong competitor for Apple iPad. The tablet is scheduled to release in Asia by the end of this year. The processors of Nvidia are widely used in all major tablets that use Android Honeycomb. Some of the most popular gadgets powered by this technology are Acer Iconia Tab A500, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The technology is also likely to be adopted by Sony in the coming tablets.

In a statement, Nvidia revealed that the tablets that will be powered by Kal-El chips will be launched this year. In view of the fact that iPad 2 is still doing good in the market, in addition to the continuous postponement of iPhone 2, it sure looks that by the time this gadget release into the American market, it will have a huge open market to grab. Experts believe that unless iPad 3 is comes into the market pretty soon, Apple is going to lose a major share of the market to this new Android device.

The CEO of Nvidia, Jen Hsun Huang said in its earning’s conference that Kal-El, the next generation processor has had a bright run in the previous quarter. Further, he also stressed on the fact their working relationship with Google was strong. He said that Kal-El and partnership with Google will result in a powerful gadget that is technically very strong.

The highlight of Nvidia Kal-El will be its low power consumption. Contrary to common perception that high performance processors burn more power, the CEO Huang said that the power consumption of Kal-El will even be lower than the predecessor Tegra 2. He insisted that Kal-EL will be much more powerful when compared to Tegra and will be a lower power consumer.

In the light of this new Android tablet that is to come in the following few month, the brand under which the tablet will be launched is the question. Motorola has announced that much more powerful tablets will be brought out by the end of this year. This was revealed by Sanjay Jha, the CEO. So, putting two and two together, it is very likely that Motorola will the chosen brand.

As per rumors, Apple is likely to bring out premium iPads especially for professionals. Other rumors say that Apple will only bring out a gadget next year when it has a more powerful processor and better features.