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ITunes Match Beta Opens Rather Quietly

ITunes Match service, which is to be launched shortly, has come out with its Beta version. Apple has rather quietly released the Beta version in order to accommodate additional developers of apps. This new version is scheduled to be launched this fall. This is, however, not the first release of the service. Previously, the service was opened for a short while in August. It was only open for a few days before closing.

Apple Will Start Trial Of Its Next Generation iPad3 This Coming October

The company Apple are now thinking for the trial production of their next generation iPad on this coming October, according to the Wall Street Journal.

With the sequence to the fact the paper sources have stated that Apple has already gathered the key components of this eventual iPad 3, which they have also planned to reached to their retail stores in the early 2012. But before that they have declared they have planned for its release at the holyday season of 2012.

Android Tablets to Give Apple iPads a Run for Their Money

Nvidia, has announced a new tablet that will run on quad-core Kal-El chip. The tablet is supposed to very powerful and a strong competitor for Apple iPad. The tablet is scheduled to release in Asia by the end of this year. The processors of Nvidia are widely used in all major tablets that use Android Honeycomb. Some of the most popular gadgets powered by this technology are Acer Iconia Tab A500, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The technology is also likely to be adopted by Sony in the coming tablets.

Steve jobs might launch the most awaited iPad3 in September

You must have seen the iPad 2 which was launched in March, this year. Now there are rumours that apple is going to launch iPad 3 in September, this year. Would Steve Jobs really launch two iPads in the same year? This question is raised in almost everyone’s mind and people are in dilemma.  If we consider the previous reports regarding iPad 3, the expected arrival of the product was in March or April 2012. As you all know that apple iPad is an established gadget and it has a proper official website for updates regarding the launch of any new gadget. But, still we believe in these rumours which sometimes play an important role in knowing about new products.

Iphone and Ipad Now with Real Drums

Iphone, which offers more than 250,000 apps in its app stores, has now launched a new app called Real Drums 4.0. This app is compatible with iPod and iphone touch models. This new app is supposed to provide the real drumming experience in the gadget. With a whole set of drums that are easy to set up and sound applications that can be programmed to any kind of drum beat, this app gives a good sound experience. Nevertheless, the success of the app depends on how well the app sounds on the already weak sound system of iphone. Among the various defects that iphone customers have been complaining about, the poor sound system has been the major one.