AOL Introduces new app called Edition

The magazine that reads you,” if one is thinking that I make a mistake when I type that first five words for this article, then one is wrong.   That phrase is the exact phrase that Edition Ipad app is using as their tagline. In an effort to build some buzz about the new app, the makers of the app created a video and posted the video on Youtube.  Apparently some people got offended by the tagline since they referred to it as “The app when you crap.”

Sol Lipman, senior director of AOL’s Mobile First division in Palo Alto, California confesses that the joke tag line has some truth installed in it.  They want Edition to be different from its competitors.

What differentiates Edition from the other apps is the news gets delivered only once a day compared to competitors such as Flipboard and Zite, which grabs the content as it got posted online.

Lipman says they wanted to allow the user to have a feeling of completion after they read their daily news.  Whenever one get the issue in the morning, the user can take it to any place they go.  It looks like a real magazine since it has different sections and a cover to match.

Not only that the user is going to get a feeling of completion, but the new app will allow the user to choose the different areas that they want. The user is not going to get articles from just one source as the news comes from numerous sources.  If one loves to visit social sites whenever one read the news, then the user can avail of the feature associated with such social sites.  However, it differs from Flipboard in a sense that Edition does not build the magazine with sources coming from Twitter and Facebook.

As of now, the app is free from ad as it is only in the beta stages.  AOL now working on contents that are going to include ads.  Also, it links out to the article rather than just copy the whole article from a site.  The apps let one go back to the main page as quickly as one want.

CNet receive a copy of the app, and they claim that the new app is slick looking.  They also like the local news section based on the location that the user type in their first visit.  At present, Edition can only serve news once a day, but the developers are currently working on letting the users get the news twice a day.