Apple iCloud Launched

ICloud now available on all Apple devices

Apple today launched its new iCloud feature that will be compatible with all its I-gadgets such as iphone, Ipad, iPod and others. The feature will also be available with the desktops produced by Apple like the Mac series and PCs. The new feature includes several functional that will make storage and sharing easier. The facility will cost $24.99 per year.

What are the features in iCloud?

ICloud will have a number of useful features, the foremost of them being significant cloud storage. The backup is supposed to be good. Additional features such as iTunes along with cloud storage features are an added bonus with this app. For compatibility with iCloud, iTunes Match has been made available. Through this features, users can availa the different facilities that were unavailable with iTunes alone. ICloud will make it easier to use iTunes and download different features onto the various Apple devices.

ICloud available in the United States today

Residents of the United States will be able to access iCloud beginning today. However, the beta version has been launched today. The original full version will be available this fall. For the beta version users will require iTunes 10.3 and the Apple operating system iOS 4.3.3 version.

Benefits of iCloud

Using iCloud, users can access data from any Apple device they own. This facility is like having a hard disk in space and can be accessed from multiple devices. ICloud can also be used to access emails, calendars and list of contacts to name a few. The iCloud facility is easy to manage. Organization of data is an almost automatic function. The best part of the feature is that users do not require a specific device to access information. It can be done from any number of devices belonging to brand Apple.  Security settings have been beefed up in order to make the storage and usage more secure.

Free storage space available with iCloud

Users can get up to 5GB space free by signing up with iCloud. The apps that are purchased from Apple stores are not considered in the storage space, which means that despite downloading any number of apps, users can still have access to a large amount of storage space. A single iCloud feature can be used to store data from all Apple devices, whether hand held devices or desktops. With the launch of beta version, users shall be able to experience the benefits and advantages of cloud storage well before the impending release of the final version.