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Jawbone helps people to become healthier

Once again Wireless earpiece maker Jawbone combines fashion and technology in an effort to help people make healthier choices with a little help from their favorite Apple gadgets.

This week, the company revealed a smartly engineered wristband, synching with software for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices in steering users toward better habits when it comes to eating, sleeping, and being active.

According to Jawbone founder and chief executive Hosain Rahman, UP is Jawbone’s first step that gives people tools so that consumers would be more engaged with their own health.

Jawbone is a power-efficient wristband that appears like a simple piece of jewelry but senses body motions and sleep patterns so well that it can find whether the number of steps a person takes or how deeply he or she is slumbering.

Users can even track their meals by using Apple gadget cameras in snapping pictures of what they eat.

Free UP software lets wristbands provide information to iPhones, iPads, or iPod touch devices. The application can also know about the feeling of a person after they digested their meals.

UP shows data in bar graphs and timelines, which expose patterns and show the result of the hard work a person, achieved their personal goal

Rahman said that the system designed in integrating seamlessly into one’s overall lifestyle, 24 hours a day.

He added that through the success and adoption of the iPhone, millions of users already have beautiful displays and robust computing platforms available in their pockets.

UP wristbands are going to be available in jawbone.com, and Apple store, Best Buy, and other shops featuring smartphones for $100 when they go on sale.

The device is going to be available in Britain starting November 17 and is to be rolled out internationally by year’s end.

Jawbone wanted the advice of health experts since changing lifestyles means serious business. Especially, when it comes to convincing people to improve their diets and add more exertion to daily routines.

Jawbone know that while smartphones have already given rise to habits such as checking email at restaurants and socializing online, they might be also used for leading users towards better physical fitness.

UP wristbands follow users’ level of activity, such as exercising habits, pacing in an office, or snoozing in bed.

Sensors are also responsible for recording time and deepness of UP users.

The wristband can even be set in waking someone by means of vibrations. The device vibrates gently at an appropriate point in a light phase of sleep, in order to make rising easier.

iOS Will Support Google Music Via Web Application

Search engine giant Google has recently developed a new software that is quiet being able to allow iPad, iPod as well as iPhone touch users for accessing their Music Beta service. The entire application will come out by holding the hand of Safari browser at music.google.com in spite of the Application Store. So, in spite of the need for an App store, Apple usually needs for by passing  their official approved application.

Apple Sues Two Sellers of Look-Alike Apple Products Citing Trademark Infringement

The battle between the world giant in electronics has seen going on in full force since the past several weeks. As per the latest news, Apple has filed yet another lawsuit, this time against Apple accessory sellers. This lawsuit comes as a part of the trademark infringement suits that have been going on for quite some time now. The two sellers who have had to bear the brunt of Apple are Fun Zone and Apple Story. They have their stores in Flushing, Queens, which are the neighborhood of New York City. The lawsuit was filed in the federal court of Brooklyn on Thursday. The defendants in the case have been accused of retailing electronic gadgets such as iPods, iPads and iPhones without proper authorization.

Google Becomes Its Worst Enemy Itself

Google is making an endeavor to sell two similar products and that is putting buyers to their wits end. This has turned out to be rare instance of a company competing against itself. Google expected “Chromebook” to be the new buzzword of the tech savvy, but it didn’t turn out according to expectations. The android tablets in themselves have not been able to leave much of an impression in the market and that clearly demonstrates that Google lacks the capability to create a hue and cry about a new product in the market.

Apple iCloud Launched

ICloud now available on all Apple devices

Apple today launched its new iCloud feature that will be compatible with all its I-gadgets such as iphone, Ipad, iPod and others. The feature will also be available with the desktops produced by Apple like the Mac series and PCs. The new feature includes several functional that will make storage and sharing easier. The facility will cost $24.99 per year.