Apple Inc. wins court decision over Samsung’s Tablet

Apple Inc. just won the court ruling against the ban that got filed for the units of Samsung.  The German court tried to stop Samsung from selling their ‘Galaxy 10.1 tablets in Europe’s biggest economy’.

Good thing for Apple, that they won the lawsuit.  Samsung, on the other hand, vows to make an appeal with the jurisdiction.   Both companies got locked with an international battle over smartphone and tablet rights since April.

Samsung’s Galaxy is the only device  believed that can rival Apple’s portable products, having runaway success.

Samsung got disappointed by the court ruling and believed that the verdict limits the design innovation, as well as the progress in the industry.

The latter company promised that they are willing to take all the legal actions against their rival, Apple Inc., for violating the wireless technology patent of the world.

On Friday, Samsung  handed with a temporary injunction, which stops Samsung Germany from selling the Galaxy 10.1 tablet in Germany.

However, all is not loss since the retailer, Media Markt can still sell the device by selling off existing stock or getting new supplies that come from the South Korean group’s parent Samsung International.

A court spokesman said that the ruling affects Samsung Germany and International, but not the retailers or the consumers.

According to the blogger, Florian Mueller that ‘the sales ban in Europe for Samsung Germany has no practical consequences.’

The German subsidiary also got the restriction from selling the tablets in Europe, which excludes the Netherlands where Apple asked for a separate injunction.

As Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann gives out her decision, she said that the general impression of the tablet was the same as the design of Apple’s iPad.

Last month, there was a Dutch ruling that found that there is no violation for Samsung’s tablet.

Again, Apple just repeated its earlier statement that concludes that blatant copying is not right, and they need to protect Apple’s intellectual asset whenever other companies steal their ideas.

In a worldwide intellectual property battle, Apple has asserted the Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets “slavishly” is a copy of the iPhone and iPad and has filed a suit against the Korean company in the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea also in Europe.

Samsung tried to counter the charge against them.

On Thursday, Apple tried to ban the Samsung branch in Japan by taking legal action to ban sales of some Samsung gadgets in Japan.