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ASUS Rocks This CES Again By Unveiling 7 Inch ICS Tablet

In this ongoing CES 2012, Asus has surprised us again by launching a brand new tablet. Which, they named as ICS tablet. Though, this beautiful tablet has some similar features like its earlier predecessor, but the company claimed that this ICS tablet is different from others.

Vizio Launches Its New Tablet

After a huge amount of success in the manufacture of HD TVs, Vizio has launched its new tablet. The tablet is comparatively cheap and it is to be seen it can possibly compete against the big players in the tabloid market. A very interesting feature of this tablet is that one can control home theatre with the help of the IR blaster present in this tablet.

Facebook app now available for download

Facebook app is almost similar with the Lochness Monster.  There are many rumors, but only few have seen it.  Some of the few lucky bloggers have seen it before. Developers claims they have worked on it. Facebook says it is just a rumor. People from all over the world want to know the truth behind the new app.

It is the Facebook application for the iPad that s finally out after a long wait.  Now, everyone is going to have a chance to own the product.

After months of gossips and false alarms, Facebook said Monday that their official iPad application that they are offering the new app to the people.  It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

It is possible the app is going to benefit Apple and Facebook.  While the iPad now considered as the biggest-selling tablet on the market, some consumers do not believe that they need it and is ready to pick less expensive tablets. Seeing a slick Facebook app could persuade people in choosing an iPad over rivals, as there is no Facebook app specifically created f or tablets which runs on Google’s Android software.

For Facebook, a complete iPad application is going to keep people even more absorb in its service and add up to the amount of time people spend on it. According to Nielsen Research, Americans use eight hours a month, or 16 percent of their total time online, using Facebook’s Web site and portable applications.

According to Leon Dubinsky, a software engineer at Facebook, the app   intended for creating an impressive and “fun” feel on the tablet.

Mr. Dubinsky emphasized the use of multitouch motion within the app a feature not yet available on the Facebook Web site.  People can use their finger in scrolling through News Feed. Give the screen a swipe to page through albums.

Facebook stressed other key features in the revelation: Photos and videos gives the importance in the app and can be watched full-screen.  The apps let user capture photos and videos with the iPad and put them immediately into the Facebook news feed. Gaming and Facebook Chat are also significant factors of the app.

Bret Taylor, Facebook’s chief technology officer, said that the app got deferred since it is not yet ready to be released.

Taylor says they felt that the Facebook Web site on the iPad was a  terrific experience.  They feel as the new app is going to benefit the features such as touch, photos and chat.

Toshiba Enters The Market With It Thrive Tablet

Toshiba is also entering the market of tablets and given the technology they are using in their products it should never be much problem for them to capture a fair share of the market. The new Thrive has some great additional features that make it unique from many other tablets to the good. Be it the full sized USB ports to the adding of a few riffs to the Honeycomb theme, the Thrive has it all to have a fair bite of cherry. The attractive back cover is made of rubber and is really stylish in its looks and charming for customers.it is easy to grip and comfortable to carry even though it is a little too heavy for your liking. The 1.6pounds is fairly heavier and thicker compared to Samsung galaxy Tab.

Syntex Makes A Move With The Window 7 OS In Their Tablet

A large number of tablets are available in the market nowadays and often we look for those of so called “branded” companies like Samsung, HTC and the Apple. Apple has been in prime form and it Ipad is going strong. Their demand is fairly high too. But those who do not want to use Ipad may like to switch over to some other models which can provide them the latest Windows Operating System and here it is, the Skytex S-series tablet pc coming with the Windows 7 which will meet up the shortage of such h tablets in the market. The Skytex Technology provides you with a unique EXO-PC technique that provides you with their much appraised touch-centric user interface. The processor is the dual core IntelAtom N550 processor which is probably the frequently used processor in tablet and is the ultimate for mobile computing till now. The processor speed is fast and it meets up to the requirements of the user.