Apple to Launch Iphone 5 with Ios 5 on September 7

Apple a house of invention with creativity and versatility is known for launching new products very frequently and for this reason there been lot restlessness in the market with respect to its new iphone. It was supposed to be in the markets till now but a delay has been suspected by the customers. It has been expected that this iphone will spread it magic like a spellbound. The speculation about this product has created a lot of excitement in the audiences and they are all set to be among privilege user of this product. The official date is now 7th September, 2011 for this venture to take place.

Features seeking attention of the audience

The iphone 5 is talk of the town because of its features. It has been considered very special because of its operating system. The some of the popular features of this series are iCloud, notification center, i messages, newsstand, camera twitter, pc free, photos and safari. These all features are very unique when it comes to their usage. They are all updated and hold more feasibility for the user. The new application iCloud is much speculated and awaited by the iphone users.

Iphone 5 applications usage

The all applications have different usage and some of the most famous have the following utility.

  • Icloud tend to safe the information in form of music, picture or anything and later through iCloud that information can be viewed on all the devices. It effortlessly transfer that to all devices of Apple which includes iphone, Ipad, iPod, Mac or PC.  This is how the user will end up at saving its lot of time.
  • Notification center will update and provide the user with all the latest news related to his personal and official use.
  • Imessage is very interesting text application. Through this you can be freely connected to you friends using any of apple devices via text. It is kind of chat messenger.
  • Newsstand is one way of getting connected to your favorite publications.
  • Camera is also supported by the iCloud application
  • Beside that twitter a social webpage is also incorporated in this new product
  • PC-free will not put you in the need of owning any pc to install apple application. By Wi-Fi all you need to subscribe this application.

Keep the hopes high

After knowing so much about it all we wish that this product may launch on its announced date.