Apple WWDC 2011: What Can We Expect?

Latest developments
While apple is all set for its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, technical devotees are extremely expectant of the events to follow. WWDC set to commence from 6 June to June 10 will bring together thousands of Apple Engineers to publicize Apple’s Latest Technologies and updates. Apple’s major objective here will be to encourage it’s clientele to buy latest Apple products. With markets overflowing with updates, Apple has in fact made an iPhone, iPad App for WWDC 2011 to satisfy the queries of its users. We already know Apple will unveil Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud at WWDC 2011 on Monday, all thanks to the Apple’s press release last week.

Apple My Cloud “iCloud”
iCloud will allow you store your music library and stream it to iOS devices. Sources claim that iOS 5 will be supported by Time Capsules to which users can upload photos and videos and then synchronize it with iOS. Now files saved to the Home Folder will be automatically backed up to the Time Capsule, making it accessible on any Apple computer worldwide. The new version of iOS is believed to be focused on revamped notifications and widgets. The users are already thrilled by the prospect of actually customizing their iPhones and iPads with the widgets.

The twitter connection
It is also believed that Apple has collaborated with Twitter to provide users a way to upload photos to Twitter via iOS. At the same time Apple is alleged to be working with Nuance, which provides some of the most powerful speech recognition technology in the market. With a deeper incorporation in the iOS 5, soon your iPhone will be transformed from a mobile computer to a smart device with the ability of assisting you in almost all circumstances. Now you can converse with your iPhone, and it gives you response with exact answers to you queries.

Sync in
At present, users have to connect their iPhones or iPads to a desktop computer to activate the apple cloud service. However, this is going to change after WWDC 2011 because the market is swarming with the news of the launch of wireless sync. Wireless sync will enable your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch sync without the 30-pin connector. You won’t even require a computer for it to happen, all you need be a Time Capsule.

Whatever is rumored, Apple always likes to keep some secrets on its releases. One must positively look out for some surprises at WWDC 2011.