Are We Too Depending On Internet In Daily Life?

Although we generally accept that the internet has been a force of good, there are certain concerns that relate to the structures within which it operates and its impact on the community as a whole. These are not life threatening factors and it is highly unlikely that they will lead to the exclusion of the facility.

However these factors need to be looked at again because they give the platform for future development and the correction of the mistakes that may have occurred. It is of great comfort that we see the movement in the internet development procedures so that they can include a significant proportion of the world population. The coverage issue is likely to resolve itself in due course.

The over use of the internet can lead to some social problems that are baffling the community. Some people have a virtual life. They shop and date online. For them the anonymity and speed of the facility means that they are free to conduct their lives in the way that they envisaged.

Some commentators worry about this trend because it can have the effect of removing the direct communication tools that we rely on as human beings. If someone is behind the screen for a significant portion of their lives then they are unlikely to make friends or the standard connections that are essential for survival in the modern world. In other words the facility has become anti social in its manifestation.

That is a sad indictment on the people that really believed in the transformative powers of the internet. Consideration ought to be given to the age profiles of the people that are using the facility. For example minors have been able to access inappropriate material because there is a lot more freedom in the way that they make the searches.

The freedom of speech has also allowed some people to make slanderous and libelous statements using the anonymity that is provided to them. There have been examples of some of the vile abuse that people suffer through individual blogs that do not take the time to research their facts. The conman have also used the facility in irresponsible ways. There are many websites that do this.

Someone comes up with an improbable scheme for making money and then makes off with the contributions that have been made by their subscribers. That is the challenge that is facing the internet. It will take time before we reach a stage whereby we can look at the internet without trepidation and the confidence that things will work out effectively.

In doing this we expect that the facility will improve the kinds of services that it has as well as the possibilities for developing them into something that is both substantial and reliable in output. This is the tactic that is used by most control mechanisms to ensure that the facility is not causing problems for the general community that spends time online or accessing different files.