Asus Comes Up With The X101

In practical terms, netbooks are an extension of the laptops. They are sometimes built by the PC manufacturers to put up a competition against the tablets and the iPads ruling the markets. Hence to capture this market the netbooks must be priced at a significantly lower level. The Asus Eee PC X101 has a modest price of $199 and promises to give a new direction in the current market. The netbook is powered by the 1.33 GHz Intel Atom N435 with a RAM of 1GB. The internal storage of the X101 is 8GB. Social networking is one of the things that one would love to do in this netbook. The X101 runs on the MeeGo OS which is mostly used by the smartphones and the netbooks. Social networking can be easily done with the help of MyZone which is a substitute for the desktop in MeeGo. It is quite easy to use the MeeGo once you get a bit accustomed to it and it will not necessarily take much time to get to do it.

A number of icons such as the Asus App Store and the E-mail are present. The top of the screen displays the toolbar which help us to perform the different operations on the netbook. The applications in the Applications page are categorically divided into items such as Games, Media, System Tools, etc. The Media icon in the toolbar helps us to listen to music and watch videos. The radio is also available in this netbook and the Media helps us to access it. The Devices and Settings icon is also very useful. Managing files is easy and they are accessed through the OpenOffice. The Devices takes care of the USB devices connected to the netbook. The netbook works quite fast having 25 second boot.

The display has a 1024×600 resolution. The pictures are more or less bright and clear. However the sound quality is not up to the mark and one may be unable to hear it properly from some distance. The netbook is usually found in the colour white. At a mere 2 pounds the netbook is lighter than most of the others which is quite advantageous. One of the disadvantages of this netbook is the keyboard. One may feel uncomfortable to type on the small keys. The battery life is also too low and it hardly lasts for four hours. The Asus Eee PC X101 is good for purposes of low productivity and at $199 it is quite cheap. Is will help in social networking, music and creating small documents but some of the disadvantages may make one opt for a slightly higher priced netbook.