Asus Comes Up With The X101

In practical terms, netbooks are an extension of the laptops. They are sometimes built by the PC manufacturers to put up a competition against the tablets and the iPads ruling the markets. Hence to capture this market the netbooks must be priced at a significantly lower level. The Asus Eee PC X101 has a modest Read more


Smartphone now dominates the European market

The era of phone that does not have the capability to connect through the Internet is finally over. Smartphone has around 52% of 42 million sold in Europe.

Based on the new information released by research company IDC illustrate smartphone, delivery now reaches 48% compared to the similar period last year that reaches virtaully22m, as Samsung, Apple, HTC and BlackBerry maker RIM ruled the market and Finland’s Nokia saw its earlier dominance wiped out. In the most recent year smartphones made up just over a third of mobile phone deals in the region.


New Study Shows That Prices Of Popular Iphone Games Are Reducing

A new research undertaken to study the mobile games applications segment has revealed some astonishing results. The study found that the mobile apps stores are witnessing a growth in its market size. However, the prices of the most popular games that require paid software are witnessing a reduction.