Asus May Unveil 13-Inch Android Laptop

In the present time computer maker Asus has once again in the rumor with its upcoming product 13-inch Android laptop. As the company demands this will be the world largest Android laptop in this time. As DigiTimes says, it may appear in the market at the end of 2011 with an attractive and chief price tag $299. So, it can be expected that possibly this device will be powered by a quad-core NVDA processor. Other computer manufacture brand including Samsung, Toshiba, Acer are also expecting for following this suit to introduce their ARM-based netbooks within a competitively price range.

While a laptop run on Android then generally it get more value than Google’s Web-centric Chrome books, though the price range of this Google product starts from $150. Also Asus has already got some success with its previous keyboard dock able Android Tablet, the “EE Pad Transformer.”  So, there is nothing wrong to think that the company Asus wants to continue its riding in the field of Android Wave.

But till yet we have not be able to recover whether this 13-inch device will build up with a touch screen or not. So it will be much more fantastic to see some more laptop options as well as continued innovation with the Android Laptop market.