BlackBerry 7 Fails To Make an Impact

RIM on a downward spiral

RIM, the maker of the smart phone BlackBerry, has suffered yet another major set back with the new BlackBerry 7 failing to meet expectations. In a time when smart phones are available at very low prices and the release of iPhone 5 is on the corner, one would have thought that the makers of BlackBerry would have shown more dedication towards developing a smart phone that matches up to the latest standards. Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the two forces behind BlackBerry have tried to show that the company is still on a good run, but everybody else seems to know that BlackBerry smart phones have only a few months of life left.

Makers see redemption with upcoming BlackBerrys

While BlackBerry 7 has failed to make head turn, which was very necessary for the company to survive in the competition, the makers have released a statement saying that the upcoming models of BlackBerry will bring back the lost glory of the company. BlackBerry Bold Touch, which was put on the backburner for quite some time, is back in the works and contains features that, in their words, “jump a generation”. Answering the shareholders, the owners of the company said that Bold Touch will bring financial stability back to the company.

BlackBerry 7 better than BlackBerry 6 but still not up to the mark

As expected, BlackBerry 7 was only an upgrade of BlackBerry 6 and consists nothing revolutionary in it. While BlackBerry 7 is better in usability and functionality when compared to BlackBerry 6, it still needs a lot of upgrades to catch up with the fast moving smart phone market. The company needs to bring a device that is significantly well developed.

BlackBerry to develop super phone powered by QNX

The next move of RIM, as told by the owners, will be to develop a super phone tat works on QNX technology. The company has planned to shelve its plans for a new Playbook and concentrate on the new super phone, a move which has been appreciated by shareholders and industry watchers. A super phone, over a failing smart phone, is indeed light at the end of the tunnel for the company.

The new BlackBerry Super phone to arrive in 2012

The technology on which BlackBerry intends to make its super phone may not be ready until 2012 and hence, the super phone will have to wait until then. According to Lazaridis and Balsillie, dual core chips are in the process of development. Since the market is already full of dual core smart phones, it looks like RIM will have to pull its socks up and bring out a smart gadget in a hurry to retain their place in the market.