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Blackberry Stocks Fall 20%

Research in motion, the maker of BlackBerry smart phones and devices saw its stock fall a further 20% at the end of the week. The company has been struggling for revival for sometime now. Although one of the top smart phone manufacturers in the mobile world, the company has had a low phase in the recent times, having lost a majority of its market share to Apple and Android systems. It is expected that the launch of iPhone 5 will cause a further downfall in the sales of the company. While the share value was being standard at $29 in the past week, its value fell $5.90 and settled at $23.60 at the closing of the markets this week. This 20% drop translates to a loss of $3 billion, which is a serious drop in price. The $5.90 drop occurred in a day. Despite the continuous drop in stock value, BlackBerry makers are confident about a rise in the near future.

BlackBerry 7 Fails To Make an Impact

RIM on a downward spiral

RIM, the maker of the smart phone BlackBerry, has suffered yet another major set back with the new BlackBerry 7 failing to meet expectations. In a time when smart phones are available at very low prices and the release of iPhone 5 is on the corner, one would have thought that the makers of BlackBerry would have shown more dedication towards developing a smart phone that matches up to the latest standards. Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the two forces behind BlackBerry have tried to show that the company is still on a good run, but everybody else seems to know that BlackBerry smart phones have only a few months of life left.