Blackberry Bold 9790 Images Leaked

BGR has released some images that are claimed to be of BlackBerry 9790. The images that have been released contain two phones, one of them is 9990 and the other is the new 9790. The presence of both the phones together gives a scope for users to compare the two and grasp the differences. The contrasts in size are clearly visible in the pictures.

The gadget also has a number of likeable features such as 1.2 GHz processor and an inbuilt storage space of 8GB. The camera will be of 5 mega pixels. Additional features that are present in the device are a QWERTY keyboard along with a touch screen, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. According to reports, BlackBerry bold will be released into the market by the end of 2011 but since there have been no official updates; it is hard to estimate the actual price.

Although the phones are not as in-demand or as likeable as iPhones, they are better in battery life. Apple is notoriously famous for its pathetic battery. The new device BlackBerry bold 9790 will have a high end battery such as that of Torch 9850 and Bold 9900. The battery range of Bold 9700 has been much appreciated. Battery life of other devices is decent. A smaller screen can be one of the remedies for higher battery life.

According to experts, the launch of these smart phones comes a bit too late in the market because they are likely to face major competition from the QNX devices that are to be released early next year. The launching strategy of the company could decrease rather than increase the selling potential of the phones and thus, lead to further downfall of the already ailing company. The company also needs to offer some services and facilities that can pull back the crowd that it initially lost to other and better providers such as Apple and Android.

The recent release by Research in Motion has helped in propelling the sales of the company but not very significantly. The operating system of the company, BlackBerry 7 has garnered better response and made the devices more attractive than its predecessors. The share value of the devices refuses to cross $30 and people in the Wall Street are maintaining a $29 share value. The company also seems to be covering up for the lack of continuous releases in the previous years, which made customers lose interest in the device.