Blackberry Brings Out Its New Bold Touch 9900:- A Real Business Model

Blackberry has always been really competitive in the handset market but never had it shown its class in most sincere way than producing this extremely powerful handset- the Bold 9900. Research in Motion (RIM) was having their research in full effect but what they have delivered through the new Bold 9900 is superb. Never before had a Blackberry handset been so stylish yet incorporating a huge number of features that gives it a real boost in the market. But once again it lets you down when you think of those apps that you search for in every Blackberry handset and as for now we may have to still continue hoping for the great apps in the Blackberry handsets in coming years.Indeed this touchscreen phone with QWERTY keypad is one of its kinds and when you observe the slick design it just thunders into your mind.

If ever you wanted to own a Blackberry, this is it! The screen and the QWERTY keypad are almost of same size and yet when you use it does not fee that you are holing a real large phone in your hand. It does not slip out either, thanks to its rubbery grip. The keypad also gives a smooth sensation to your hand which however the earlier Bolds were lacking a bit. As for the specs, it is really the 1.2 GHz processor added with the 768Mb RAM helps you work faster than you have ever done on a Blackberry handset. The 8 GB in built memory space also adds to this great handset where using Micro SD card you can expand your memory up to 32 GB. The operating system is also new- the Blackberry OS 7. The processor is very fast and it does not slow down by the programs running on it along with SMS and chatting.

The 5Mp camera with 720 p video recording is also very useful in tried conditions and clear and detailed pictures can be taken. Crisp pictures only gives a more hang about the handset. The battery is a letdown. The 123mAH battery has not been successful to meet the demands of the processor and unlike the earlier versions of Blackberry it is required to be charged every day before taking it with you. The biggest challenge the Blackberry Bold 9900 will face is its price which is currently listed at Rs 32,490 and clearly it is a bit too expensive comparing to other similar handsets. However taking all its aspects into consideration Blackberry Bold 9900 is pretty good item to have a look at if you have interest in these types of mobile phones.