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T-Mobile Is Looking To Steal The 4G Show

The T-Mobile is starting to make their mark in the smartphone industry with their latest technology where you not only get a QWERTY keypad along with the touchscreen but also 4G data connection and  a blinding speeded camera that shoots whatever you want . The T-Mobile’s myTouch 4GSlide is a one of its kind type of smartphone where you are delivered with a fantastic QWERTY keypad along with the toughened glass touchscreen having HTC sensor 3.0. The handset is superbly designed and its brush metal finish astonishes you with its beauty.  The body of the handset is oval shaped. There is trackball for navigation through menus.

Blackberry Launches Torch 9850(Sprint)

Blackberry is trying to ensure that its market is not captured by the new android phones that provide a much longer screen than only 2.8”. So to keep the limelight on them they are bringing out the Torch 9850 otherwise known as sprint. The design of this phone is pretty slick compared to the Storm and Storm 2 and has got great looks about it. it weighs only 4.8 ounces and is thick up to 0.5 inch at the widest part. The large display is glossy and is surrounded by bezel that makes it look beautiful.  The screen is pretty large, 3.7” compared to the previous versions and therefore is attractive for consumers who prefer Blackberry. The screen resolution is 800 x  480 and has real brightness that helps to look at it even in direct sunlight.

Blackberry Brings Out Its New Bold Touch 9900:- A Real Business Model

Blackberry has always been really competitive in the handset market but never had it shown its class in most sincere way than producing this extremely powerful handset- the Bold 9900. Research in Motion (RIM) was having their research in full effect but what they have delivered through the new Bold 9900 is superb. Never before had a Blackberry handset been so stylish yet incorporating a huge number of features that gives it a real boost in the market. But once again it lets you down when you think of those apps that you search for in every Blackberry handset and as for now we may have to still continue hoping for the great apps in the Blackberry handsets in coming years.Indeed this touchscreen phone with QWERTY keypad is one of its kinds and when you observe the slick design it just thunders into your mind.