Blackberry Maker RIM In Collaboration With Pyxis Mobile To Host A Webinar On Mobile Security On August 31

Considering the increasing breach of security in all mobile phones, Research in Motion, along with Pyxis mobile are to host a webinar on the 31st of August on mobile security issues. The program will be held at 1PM EDT. In addition to providing a bird’s eye view over all BlackBerry devices, the webinar will also touch upon QNX operating system. Research in Motion will also present an overview of the BlackBerry Enterprise Application Middleware platform. This platform will be very useful for app developers to build effective apps. Access to API calls will be largely simplified due to BEAM platform. Using the BEAM facility, developers can see the location of all employees at any given point of time just by using one APU call. While it is a wonderful platform, it is yet to see the light of the day. It has to be seen whether RIM will disclose the future of BEAM in the webinar. App developers also request all participants of the webinar to put further pressure on RIM to bring the platform out for public use. The details of the seminar are given below.

The topic for the webinar will be “Making Enterprise Grade Security Easy in Mobile App Development” and as mentioned above, it will be held by BlackBerry RIM and Pyxis mobile. The webinar will focus on making the correct choice in mobiles. With a number of handsets and protective solutions available in the market, customers are confused as to making the right choice. The webinar will focus on helping people make a right choice which is smart.

The webinar will portray the enhanced protection levels that have been implemented in BlackBerry phones due to the increase in cyber crime, malware and virus. Hacking is also a very common phenomenon in the present times. BlackBerry is also the only smart phone that adheres to FIPS 140-2 security compliance. The webinar will present an overview of BlackBerry 7 and the new operating system. Participants of the webinar will also come to know about the challenges faced in creating a high level enterprise grade safety and security system for mobile apps. The special features of BlackBerry even as it tries to enhance security on its mobile platform will be another topic that is likely to be touched upon. For all those who can, attending this webinar can be very useful. After a prolonged duration, BlackBerry phones have been accepted in the mobile phone market with a renewed enthusiasm and the new operating system is the reason behind it.