BlackBerry QNX Based Smartphones Will Be Late In Market

Blackberry was about to launch their QNX based smartphone in the first quarter of 2012. But recently the company has declared that the launching will be delayed until the end of 2012. Research In Motion co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in an Investor Call in the last night has cited that they are really very sorry for the delay launching. He has expressed apologies and requested people to keep patience and have faith in RIM.

It has also been informed that the company is going to ship 11 or 12 million of smartphones in the initial stage. According to market research experts that can mark the weakest selling record of the company in Christmas and New Year holiday period in last six years as the fourth quarter of a year is the biggest shopping period. In the holiday session in the fourth quarter of 2010 the selling record of the company was 14.8 million.

BlackBerry’s PlayBook has turned out to be a failure. RIM’s shipment of 150,000 tablets in the previous quarter of this year was not sufficient to meet the demand. It seems that RIM is gradually making people dissatisfied. The company co-CEO has assured that the PlayBook is the most advanced and reliable tablet present in the market.

The forthcoming QNX smartphone has been heard to feature the PlayBook applications. So it is pretty much clear that the company is trying to make people satisfy to some extent by designing an ecosystem for the coming RIM devices. RIM knows well that they are still toddlers in the tablet market. But still are interested about the PlayBook and want to give it a try. It is because of the recent price cuts although that does not allow the companies to make much profit.