Blackberry Users Can Expect A Major Update For Playbook Coming October

The last quarter has been disastrous for BlackBerry in the smartphone and tablet market. In an attempt to assuage loses, the company has promised a major update for its PlayBook tablet in the coming October. The update will probably provide the much needed boost for sales in the third quarter. The company also said that the upcoming update would not be a small one and that there would be a major update. Further, the update is also expected to have an impact on the future performance of the devices. In the second quarter, there was a drop of 20% in stock value, 15% drop in revenue and 47% drop in profits. However, in the light of continuously falling sales and the badly battered reputation of the company, buyers are rather skeptic that an update would make a major difference to the sales.

Nevertheless, there are a number of BlackBerry enthusiasts who have shifted to other providers owing to poor BlackBerry performance. Updates might help win back lost customers. The update is about to be released in October. The update is expected to include all the features that have been under expectation such as calendars and email service, besides Android app compatibility. All these features were expected to release last summer. Another promise that the company made was of a better BlackBerry Bridge facility and better video viewing facility with BlackBerry video facility, which one of the very comprehensive services with more than ten thousand videos including television shows and films. The television facility can be made available through HDMI and can be connected through the plug in point of the device.

In October, the update will be launched following DevCon conference that is to be held in San Francisco. The conference will include showcasing of the upcoming smart phones of the QNX series. Although participants will be offered the first view of the new series, the phones are expected to come on to the shelves only in 2012. While updates have been promised for quite some time now, the release is expected to come this October because the company does require a log that it can hang on to at this point of time. A drop in 20% of stock value is a serious matter for the company. A hike is necessary if the company has to stay afloat. Investors and shareholders are hinting that Research in Motion needs to take major steps to bring an improvement in sales figures, including sale.