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LG Has Produced One Of The Bests Of The Year

The LG Infinia 47LW5600 is a TV with the passive 3D technology. But other than that the TV shines in some of the most important areas like the pictures in 2D and some other nice facilities. The LW5600 consists of two TVs. The one with the 55 inches display is called 55LW5600 and the other one with 47 inches is called the 47LW5600. This review will feature the 47 inches one. However the change in the display size may not cause much difference since both the TVs have the same features. The 47LW5600 possesses the passive 3D technology. This technology makes the TV cheaper in the first place with the cheaper 3D glasses. The 3D quality is good in case of this TV. The edge lit LED backlight with local dimming is one of the best features that are ever seen. There is a LG Wireless Media Box which helps a person to attach the HDMI.

MSI X460DX Is Simply Superb With Its Performance And Looks

As the competition starts growing more and more in the notebook market manufacturers have started to apply a combination of smart looks and performances. The MSI X460DX is a good looking device as well as a powerful performer. It has some of the best specifications and is ready to take on the market of the notebooks.

Motorola And Sprint Comes Up With Their Best

Nokia’s Photon 4G will surely steal the show with its stunning looks and impressive specifications. The appearance of the phone is simply superb. It is beautifully designed with delicately cut corners. A sheet of Gorilla glass covers the display of the phone. The bottom part of the phone below the display possesses four buttons which helps you select the options of menu, home, back and search.

Syntex Makes A Move With The Window 7 OS In Their Tablet

A large number of tablets are available in the market nowadays and often we look for those of so called “branded” companies like Samsung, HTC and the Apple. Apple has been in prime form and it Ipad is going strong. Their demand is fairly high too. But those who do not want to use Ipad may like to switch over to some other models which can provide them the latest Windows Operating System and here it is, the Skytex S-series tablet pc coming with the Windows 7 which will meet up the shortage of such h tablets in the market. The Skytex Technology provides you with a unique EXO-PC technique that provides you with their much appraised touch-centric user interface. The processor is the dual core IntelAtom N550 processor which is probably the frequently used processor in tablet and is the ultimate for mobile computing till now. The processor speed is fast and it meets up to the requirements of the user.

Blackberry Users Can Expect A Major Update For Playbook Coming October

The last quarter has been disastrous for BlackBerry in the smartphone and tablet market. In an attempt to assuage loses, the company has promised a major update for its PlayBook tablet in the coming October. The update will probably provide the much needed boost for sales in the third quarter. The company also said that the upcoming update would not be a small one and that there would be a major update. Further, the update is also expected to have an impact on the future performance of the devices. In the second quarter, there was a drop of 20% in stock value, 15% drop in revenue and 47% drop in profits. However, in the light of continuously falling sales and the badly battered reputation of the company, buyers are rather skeptic that an update would make a major difference to the sales.