Blackberry Will Face a Tough Time with the Release of iPhone 5

BlackBerry, which is already on a downward spiral, is expected to lose a lot of its existing market with the release of iPhone 5. The device has been under wraps for a number of months now with no official announcement about it. A technology blog recently reported that an official announcement would be made a few weeks from now. The blog also quoted that the information was given by an Apple insider. Blackberry, which was one of the leading manufacturer’s of smart phones began to lose its market hold with the release of iPhone in 2007 and since then, has failed to win back the customer base due to inefficiency in bringing out new devices at regular intervals. With the release of iPhone 5, lose of customer base is expected to grow multi-fold. The next launch of iPhone is expected to be by the end of this year.However, according to experts, it has come to light that the users of Blackberry find it difficult to adjust to the new features of the phone. This may lead blackberry users to shift to other options that provide a real keyboard that they are more accustomed to.

Blackberry has also confirmed the news that sales have fallen drastically both of the smart phone as well as tablet computers. The use of complete touch screens is a hurdle or blackberry users because of the prolonged use of real keyboards. The time required by regular blackberry users is longer when they use iPhones. This is also cited as one of the major reasons why blackberry users do not switch over to iPhone as easily, although many have made the transitions due to the better operating system of iPhone that helps typing and word processing by highlighting mistakes more efficiently.

After a brief transition period, users are said to get used to the touch screen, the launch of the new phone will be something that blackberry will have to look out for. The recent releases from the company have been met with lukewarm responses. The other major thing that might force blackberry users to switch over to iPhone 5 is the presence of a larger screen, which is only possible for a complete touch screen. According to latest sources, the phone will come into the market by mid October although there are many skeptics in this matter. If there is an official announcement within a few weeks as said by the Apple insider, the launch date will be more certain. Until then, blackberry can optimize the time and sell as many handsets as it can,