Clear Recent Items List On Shut Down Of Windows Vista

Windows Vista all the time keeps the track of the files that you have opened in it, aside from that it also allows you for easily access to your recent work. But many of us have been failing to do so as well as clearing it permanently from the Shut Down menu. But here in the tutorial I have implemented some useful tricks, with the help of which you can clear this easily. Just follow the rest article carefully:

  1. Do select start menu.
  2. In the run option type gpedit.msc.
  3. Hit enter on the text box.
  4. Now select gpedit.msc while it appears in the listing.
  5. Do right click on the continue button as soon as the UAC prompt appears on your screen.
  6. Next your Group Policy Object Editor will appear on your screen.
  7. Move your cursor towards left pane.
  8. After that expand User Configuration.
  9. Next do expand on the Administrative Templates.

10. Now select the Start Menu and Taskbar option.

11. Next move your cursor towards the right pane.

12. Make a double click on the Clear history of recently opened documents on exit command.

13. From the Properties window do select the Enabled radio button.

14. Do right click on the OK button.

15. If you perform the previous carefully your Group Policy Object Editor will be successfully closed.

16. So don’t waste your time just try it today and enjoy.