Cooler Master Launches Brand New CPU Cooler

Cooler Master, the Taiwan Component manufacture company, has announced for unveiling their brand new cooling component- the Hyper 612S CPU.

In this matter the company Cooler Master has claimed that this new cooling solution will successfully fit with the existing AMD and Intel processor clips. This cooling solution has featured a modular design, which apart from that indicates an additional 120mm fan. That’s why it can be added with the heat sink. It can even be resulted as an extra-chilly processor.

Cooler master has demanded that with the help of the six copper heat pipes it can provide a nice and quite successful cooling solution. The entire layout here crosses the CPU’s hot spots, which results for 12 virtual heat pipes. Moreover, this is associated with a silent mode adapter, that makes this 612S even much more quieter without doing any effect on cooling.

The addition of the 612S is associated with a bracket with the help of which the clips can cover your processor, more often this also indicated that the heat sink and fan of your processor can be removed easily within seconds. Moreover, you will completely be able to remove dust and clods from your cooler fan easily.

With sequence to the cooling the aluminium fins have also included here, which partially indicates a massive surface area. This fan will weight near about 806 gm and its life will be more than 40,000 hours.

More interesting thing is that this Hyper 612S can even be a good option for the over clockers or the people who in general are waiting to build a PC which does not looking like a 747 taking off.

The Hyper 612S will arrive in the market of the UK on the coming September being with an affordable price of £39.95.