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iPhone 4S With Low CPU Speed Still Faster Than Other Phones

Apple announced its iPhone 4S a few months ago. Yesterday Apple has announced that the iPhone 4S has broken all the pre records of the previous Apple products by bagging one millions pre booking in a single day.

The iPhone 4S has many unique and stunningly new specs. It includes a new voice assistant program called Siri, by which the user will be able to ask as many questions as he or she wants to the device in his or her normal voice tone and the mobile will respond to all the questions or requests. The phone is also capable of supporting both the GPS and the CDMA network. There are also other eye catchy hardware speculations.

Nokia Set To Launch Oro

Nokia is really making a move on in the smartphone industry with its latest oRo model which will give a lot of headache to other smartphone manufacturers, but obviously , as always the prices is really a bit too high. However the tremendous and glamorous looks and finishes makes this handset a real adorable one for new smartphone buyers. The features have all been upgraded from the earlier version of smartphones, and now it has got into a full swing in the market. It is a real difficult task to highlight on all the luxurious features contained in this handset but the big additions can always be reflected through reviews. The CPU is a powerful 680MHz Arm 11 processor with the Broadcom GPU which when added to the Symbian Anna OS which gives awesome performance at all levels of activity.  

Cooler Master Launches Brand New CPU Cooler

Cooler Master, the Taiwan Component manufacture company, has announced for unveiling their brand new cooling component- the Hyper 612S CPU.

In this matter the company Cooler Master has claimed that this new cooling solution will successfully fit with the existing AMD and Intel processor clips. This cooling solution has featured a modular design, which apart from that indicates an additional 120mm fan. That’s why it can be added with the heat sink. It can even be resulted as an extra-chilly processor.