Facebook, Google and Apple Top Places To Work

According to a recent market research Google, Facebook and Apple are enlisted among top 10 best work places. Glassdoor has disclosed the facts in their fourth Employees’ Choice Awards ceremony. The company makes a list of 50 work places depending on the choices and opinions of nearly 250,000 employees every year. They emphasize on topics like salary, other benefits, work culture, work growth, opportunities, work-life balance and even the workability and efficiency of company CEO according to employees.

Among Google, Facebook and Apple, Facebook received the maximum vote. The social networking site received 4.3 points out of 5 which is enough for it to secure the third position. The employees of the company accepted that they go through heavy workloads but they have also mentioned the workload to be profitable for them. They have also mentioned that the company gives them many responsibilities but also provides a light work environment for them. The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg has received 89 per cent votes from his employees out of 27 reviews.

Among the three Google secured the fifth position with a score of 4.0 out of 5. Employees have mentioned that the company offers them many facilities like free shuttle service, free good breakfast, and free workout service with personal trainer, $5 message service and good dinner. It is right that the company too delivers huge workload and responsibilities to them but in such a ‘feel like home’ environment working become very easy enjoyable even in the toughest hours. Google’s employees have given 92 per cent credits to their CEO Larry Page out of 74 reviews.

Apple has secured the 10yh position. Apples employees have given credits to the company to produce devices that make people to feel really attached. They have also mentioned the light and fun work place environment and many additional advantages that the company offers them and obviously the salary. But some negative points have also come to the light that Apple’s employees often feet bore of repetitive works. Apple CEO Tim Cook has received 96 per cent credits.