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Facebook, Google and Apple Top Places To Work

According to a recent market research Google, Facebook and Apple are enlisted among top 10 best work places. Glassdoor has disclosed the facts in their fourth Employees’ Choice Awards ceremony. The company makes a list of 50 work places depending on the choices and opinions of nearly 250,000 employees every year. They emphasize on topics like salary, other benefits, work culture, work growth, opportunities, work-life balance and even the workability and efficiency of company CEO according to employees.

Steve Jobs Biography Is About To Release Soon

The authorized biography of Steve Jobs is going to release on coming Monday. But before the official release of Walter Isaacson’s new book some copies have been distributed among some news outlets. And most expectedly the gossip news have been started to leak out. The famous Huffington Post has published some parts of the book. We can find there Steve Jobs‘ thoughts and opinion about Google’s Android. In the field of operating system Google’s Android is the greatest rival of Apple. Isaacson remembered the time when

The ex-CEO of Apple talks about Steve Jobs and Apple

Apple’s CEO Steve Job’s question, “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?” made John Sculley leave PepsiCo and become the CEO of Apple. Sculley might not have been successful if changing the world but the contributions he made to Apple has been vital. During his tenure as the CEO of the company the sales of Apple increased from $800 million to $8 billion. Sculley is now a partner in Sculley brothers which is a private investment firm. In the year 1987, Sculley with a salary of US$2.2M was named Silicon Valley’s top paid executive.