Fake Google + invites are on the loose

If one recently receive an invite from any of your friends to join Google Plus, one should ignore it and tell your friend that this might not be the right time to join Google +.   Kaspersky Lab found out that a malware comes with email.

Google + is currently the fastest rising social site, gaining about 18 million users in just three weeks.  Despite being new to the market, Google Plus already gains the attention of cybercriminals.  Their reason for using the new social site as their medium is that the site currently one of the most favorite social site today.

Kaspersky Lab believes that cybercriminals are using the social site to quickly, acquire the information of people.  They are using the “Google + invite only scheme” so that they could acquire information from their victims.  Once signed in, people will send invites to their friends.  The invites contains a link containing malware.

Kaspersky Lab Malware Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team, say that recently they found out that cybercriminals are targeting Portuguese speakers.  They felt the urge to warn users of the security threat in the new social site.

Once the person clicks the link to the fake Google + invite then the person is going to be redirected to a Brazilian Trojan banker file.  Once signed in, the individual would see a Google Form that urges one to send an invite to your friends.  The Google doc designed to collect the names and email of your friends.   Kaspersky Lab has already alerted Google about the malware.

If one still wants to use Google Plus but like to secure your profile, Kaspersky offers these tips.

1.            Profile Management – one could edit your profile.  Use this feature to customize your file sharing.  This must be among your top priority if one ever intend on using their account.

2.            One circle to rule them all – Use the feature called “Circle Management” to create group for your families and friends.  It also allows one to limit, what can be seen in your profile.  Meaning that the full-page profile can only be access by your closest friends.

3.            Instant upload – This feature is excellent for people who are always on the go as most of these people capture all fascinating facts about their life.  They tend to upload it to their profile so that their friends can see it.  However, this makes the profile also open to evil-doers.  The default setting enables this feature, but one could always disable Instant Upload.