Google And Facebook Acquired Top Position Of US Web Destinations July List

A recent survey of Total Internet Audience metric has stated that social networking giant Facebook and search giant Google were at the top place of US web destinations list in July. The entire study is related to the hybrid audience measurement data, which in short has specially built for providing insight into online activity.

The result of the study says that on the last month July near about 172.6 million of unique US visitors have visited Google official website and stayed an average time of 1 hours 40 minutes, though Facebook is not far behind of it, they also have got 158.9 million unique visitors, but the reality is each of the visitors here have stayed on this website over 5 hours.

Moreover, with in this last July list Yahoo was not far behind of them, cause sequence of the fact they also got approx 148.5 million unique visitors with 2 hours and 14 minutes average time. But if it can be described with the sequence to time limit then the result which has come out is quiet interesting – though Google got more 25 million visitors than Yahoo, but all the users has stayed here in yahoo 45 minutes more than Google.

Within this chart MSN websites Windows Live and Bing have also acquired 4th position with 131 million unique visitors each and over half hours of spending time. But the most interesting thing is that within this list YouTube unfortunately at the fifth position, because they only got 125.9 million unique visitors that month.

Apart from that many well known names have also taken place within this list such as Microsoft (94,680 million unique visitors), AOL media network ( 90,181 million unique visitors), Wikipedia ( 74,655 million unique visitors), Apple( 74,153 million unique visitors), Amazon ( 70,388 million unique visitors).