Google Chromebooks-Now Go On Sale In Seven Countries

Here is a good news that Google Choromebooks are now on sale in the seven courtiers including the UK, The US, France, Spain, Germany, Italy as well as the Netherlands. Though there were some available provider in the US those started from the last week, but this exclusivity dot not quite able to last very long.

Here is not over, I am also giving a list of website from where you can purchase this product if you belongs from the said country. Just read the following list carefully:

  • For UK: Amazon .co .uk and PC World,
  • For US: and Best Buy,
  • For France:,
  • For Germany,
  • For Italy and Spain:,
  • And for Netherlands

Google has unveiled their Chromebook and Chromebox devices at last month, aside from that the first device are made by the Acer and Samsung, though the company confirmed it later that they are now keeping their focus of Chrome OS on notebooks and they have not fix any additional plan of merging it with Android.

The Acer’s version will cost around $350, that is associated with a 11.6 inch display along with a dual-core Intel Atom Processor, not only that this beautiful device has lots of interesting specification such as Dual Brand Wi-Fi, High Definition web camera, noise cancelling microphone, 2 microUSB v 2.0 port, four in one card reader, HDMI port and an optional 3G support. Also this device offers six hours of continuous usage by its battery.

Though Samsung intends to charge a little more than Acer for its Chromebook, they set its price at $430 for the Wi-Fi only and $500 for the integrated 3G connectivity, which also include a 12.1 inch display support along with great battery life of 8.5 hours. Also those upgrades push it to the total weight of 3.26 lbs.