Google Presents Improved Street View Project

Google has most recently announced an improvement of its Street View project that is among one of the most controversial projects in recent time. With the latest improvement the Street View project will allow companies or businesses to make their presence online by offering images of their store fronts in high resolution to reach more and more customers.

Nowadays as customers and also retailers are depending and emphasizing more and more on their online presence so businesses should also count on such kind of programs.

Initially Google launched the service named Business Photos Program for free in very limited places in the month of May 2011. But now they have disclosed their plans to stretch the access area of the Business Photos Program by taking in their range Australia, Japan, New Zealand. The businesses of some of the cities of United States like Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia and New York also will be able to take advantage of the program.

It has been declared that in initial level small businesses like gyms, hotels, various types of shops, garages etc will come under the range of the service. Big businesses like hospitals, lawyers’ office etc. will not enjoy the benefits. Specifically Google is binding the program to those businesses that have to give answer to the customers about their services, types of services etc. To enjoy the benefits of the program business owners can send request to Google in their business Photos website. Following their requests Google will photographed them. Google can also invite the business owners to get their business photographed.

Google has assured that Google will not use the pending photo shoots and the companies will also be able to inform the customers about those pending photo shoots. No need to mention the published photos will become Google’s property.