Google Presents Improved Street View Project

Google has most recently announced an improvement of its Street View project that is among one of the most controversial projects in recent time. With the latest improvement the Street View project will allow companies or businesses to make their presence online by offering images of their store fronts in high resolution to reach more Read more


Israel now allows Google to take pictures of their streets

Israel Government finally allowed Google to monitor their street through the use of cars with mounted camera on it. The images are going to be sent to Google maps, so Google can provide a clearer view of the area.

The decision got taken from the previous week by Israel’s data security watchdog, ILITA that gave Google Street View the rights to send their cars to monitor the street of Israel. The cars are going to collect a series of photo from any area that it goes.


Google Street View Cars Are Tracking Locations Of Wi-Fi Devices

Once again the search giant Google is in the hot sit, but this time not for their search, but for their Street View Cars, following by a CNET report. The report is saying that Google Street View cars are now engaged with collecting information location of limitless Wi-Fi devices. Aside from that this Street View Read more